Croustade aux pommes

Aside from learning more about Les Sourciers and their hydroponic operation during my trip to the Gers this past July, the journey was filled with really good food. To top it off, I finally timed being in the region when the sunflowers were at their peak! The drive through the hills towards their greenhouses surrounded…

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La Ferme Fourchette: Awans, Belgium

With the launch of the new TKP site, one of the new sections or “features” (if you can call it that) is a producer/vendor page. This is where I was hoping that producers and vendors would upload photos and information about where their kale is grown/sold and then the TKP site can be a vehicle…

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The Kale Project_Deux Choux

Deux Choux

Today was a big day. We brought home our little girl, Grady Philippa Margaret Heimann from the Clinique Saint-Thèrese. She was born Saturday, March 14th at 8pm and weighed 3.23 kilos/7.1 pounds & was 51 cm/20 inches. We are (as every parent is) in love with her even though all she does right now is…

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