The Kale Project 2.0

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UPDATE: Having a little image issue. Will be fixed soon!  Apologies for the overused tech reference of 2.0 but for lack of a better term, welcome to 2.0 of The Kale Project. Let me tell you, there is nothing like about to have a baby that makes you get stuff done. The past 8 weeks have been extremely busy and really productive and redoing was one of the top priorities. Redoing the site is something I have been thinking about and talking about doing for almost two ...

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TKP_ginger baked beans

Ginger Baked Beans

I have a love hate relationship with Heinz ketchup. It all comes down to Heinz. Like many, I love ketchup because I grew up with it (after a certain age) and nothing tastes like Heinz. There is always a slight let down if I am at a restaurant and want ketchup and they bring out…

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TKP_Cashew Milk

Cashew Milk

After going on and on about milk in my previous post, I realized I had never actually made my own alternative to milk. As one TKP reader and friend reminded me, there are a lot of options: almond, rice, soy, cashew, oat, chestnut, hemp and so on. They all have different tastes and consistencies and…

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Got Milk

Milk vs. Itself

It’s been almost a year since the iconic “Got Milk” mustache campaign was replaced with the new direction of “Milk Life,” touting the everyday benefits of milk. Gone are the iconic milk mustaches that teens in the late 90s hung on their bedroom walls. I was always a big fan of Dennis Rodman (collect all three…

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