Miss Lunch

The Kale Project_Miss Lunch

Since I'm a bit less mobile these days with bébé on board and don't get out to do as much kale exploring, I'm going to use the opportunity to go back in time and share the things that happened kale related in France that I never got around to posting on the blog. There will still be current, day to day posts but hopefully these will be entertaining as well. First up is my wintery afternoon lunch at Miss Lunch! Located in the beautiful Square Trousseau in the 12th arrondissement, ...

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la recharge 1

La Recharge: Bordeaux

Thank you to food enthusiasts Deeva Green and Lee Reitelman for this guest post. They moved from Brooklyn to Bordeaux, and stumbled across the Holy Grail of local, sustainable consumption at La Recharge. When we made the decision to move from Brooklyn to Bordeaux, France last spring, we had only a vague notion of what…

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#KaleSpotted Spain

I received this update from Organic Spanish Market in Spain. More info to come but this producer/group works with various organic growers from southern Spain, Adnalucia and in a month will also be available from Northern Spain near Galicia. They have plans to have product all year round. This of course is also good news…

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Kale Saint Malo

Saint Malo

#KaleSpotted in Saint Malo at Marché de Rocabey via the maraîchers bio of Pleine-Fougères. Thanks Ben for the tip!