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Kale season is typically from September through March.

There area few pioneer farmers who will grow the vegetable almost year-round. When in season, you will be able to find kale at various bio shops: Bio C’Bon, Bio Coop, Naturalia, La Recolte, Terroir d’avenir, Les Nouveaux Robinson, etc. You also can now find kale at Monoprix, Carrefour, Le Grand Frais, Auchon and more.

The Kale Project advises to call beforehand to check if they have kale in stock. Not every shop stocks kale or has shipments every day.

Here is a Google map for all kale market locations.

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La saison du kale dure typiquement de septembre à mars.

Il y a quelques agriculteurs pionniers qui font pousser du kale presque toute l’année. En saison, vous trouverez du kale dans certains magasins bios :Bio C’Bon, Bio Coop, Naturalia, La Récolte, Terroir d’avenir, Les Nouveaux Robinson, etc. Aujourd’hui, vous trouverez aussi du kale dans des supermarchés et grandes surfaces telles Monoprix, Carrefour, Le Grand Frais, Auchan et bien d’autres.

Nous au Kale Project vous avisons d’appeler avant de vous déplacer, car un magasin pourrait ne pas en avoir en stock ou ne pas recevoir de livraisons quotidiennes.

Voici un Google Map avec tous les endroits où vous pourrez trouver du kale.

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  1. Betsy says

    It does exist in France! A friend of mine got it at a farmer’s market once, here in Lyon. But, sadly, I’ve never found any.
    I lived in Germany for a year, and it was available at farmer’s markets there.

    • says

      Hi again Betsy, Yes… perhaps I was being a *bit* dramatic! I know that people have found it here and there in a blue moon (and normally the market people don’t even know what it is!) BUT let’s be honest, we don’t have it at our fingertips each week! And that’s why I know that we can find a way to get kale in Paris/France because it does exist in places like Germany, England and Italy! Thanks again for your support!

  2. Betsy says

    Let me know if I can do anything to help! My mouth is watering just thinking about kale :)

    • kristen says

      Hi Natalie! Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, while that is the google translation, Chou Frisée at the market only leads to savoy cabbage and the two are quite different. There have been a few sightings of kale at markets here and there over the years but never anything consistent. Do you live in Paris as well? Do you know any farmers that grow it?! If so, please tell me!

        • kristen says

          Hi Julie – Here is a site that actually has a kale box They deliver. I’m not sure if they deliver to your area, but it might be worth a shot asking them if they could make an exception. I do know that in March he will be delivering the kale box to more of France.

          • Laura says

            Kristen, thank you for this tip! I live in Salon-de-Provence and work in Marseille, and thought that we would never see this sort of product in the provinces. I’m going to order a kale box to pick up on my way home this week. Have been dreaming about kale recipes on Pinterest for months!

          • kristen says

            Hi Laura, That’s great news! I hope you did order the box and that it was great. The kale that Jonathan uses is from local producers which makes me happy :)

  3. Uma Mishra says

    We have the same problem here in Geneva, Switzerland. We are trying to find a local, organic farmer to grow some for us—or find a community garden big enough to grow our own. I miss Kale!

    • kristen says

      Hi Uma – that’s awesome! I hope you find someone and let me know if you have any questions re: seeds, etc. If you or someone starts growing some, please keep me posted of your progress. I like to write about “Kale Around The World” here and there and although Geneva is close, it’s not Paris. Good luck!

    • Ludmila says

      Hello. I live in Geneva and was wondering how the project was going and whether we could get kale in our beautiful country :)

      • kristen says

        Hi Ludmila, Thank you for your nice message. This past fall there was a small amount of buzz in Geneva around kale. I know there is one producer that was selling it at a market and that Manor had it (but I’m not sure how well it sold). That said, I was just contacted by two women who are interested in helping me out in the Geneva/Lausanne area, so perhaps next year there will be more options! Please keep following as things change all the time.

        • says

          Hello Kristen! Found you by way of Sara Louise, and wanted to let you know that we are growing kale (or at least attempting to) in the Geneva area…we live in France, but right across the border from Switzerland. We started our little seeds a few weeks ago, fingers crossed we get something good!

  4. melissa cohen says

    hi kristen! i think your cause is an amazing one. i was in paris in october and am pretty sure that i saw some lacinato among the flower beds in park monceau. they stood out to me bc i was surprised not to see any at the farmers market. i considered picking them for my friend from san francisco who was visiting – but figured it would be a serious faux pas!

    • kristen says

      Hi Melissa! Hah! I love your comment! I run in Park Monceau all the time (I live close by) – I’ll have to keep my eye out for the lacinato. I agree, I’m sure it would be a serious faux pas. Are you still living in Paris? Would love to hear more about you and how you found out about The Kale Project. Thanks for reading and your comment. Keep in touch.

    • kristen says

      Hi Valerie! Nice to hear from you. Thank you for your support and comment! So… ironically enough I was JUST writing about my meeting/chat with Joel that I had with this earlier today. And yes, he had some kale! <3 him. Keep in touch!

  5. Craig Thomas says

    Hi Kristen!
    I am soooooo happy… and my cells are buzzing. I just came home from the getting two nice bunches of kale from Joël Thiebault, who served me personally, at the Alma/Iéna Market. I quickly made a kale, apple, pineapple smoothie. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you’ve done!

    • kristen says

      Hi Craig, This message made my weekend! I’m so happy that you were able to get to the market and even be served by Joël himself! And I’m even more happy that you are enjoying the kale. Stay tuned as I have a feeling that kale will be more readily available in the months to come!

  6. says

    That’s so funny because just today I wordreference’d kale and found chou frisée, went to the grocery store and discovered it was something completely different :( but there is hope! thanks to this site, I am going to go to Marché Rue Gros tomorrow and see if I can find some leafy goodness. I’ve been living in Paris since January 2011 and have had no luck finding it until now. Kale, check. Now, I just have to find bok choy!

    • kristen says

      Hi Ranna, Thanks for reading, your support and comment. I’m glad you found the Project! I know isn’t it depressing when you try to translate kale and it just leads you to a savoy cabbage? How did your trip to Rue Gros go? I’ve heard rumors that people have to get there pretty early now. If you checked out Joël’s stand, he normally has some baby bok choy as well. If not, the organic markets on sat/sun (batignolles/raspail) sometimes have bok choy as well. If that fails, the marché at Belleville I know has more Asian influence and you can find it there, or perhaps some of the Asian shops around Rue Saint Anne. Keep me posted!

  7. Craig Thomas says

    I scored some curly kale yesterday at Le Retour à La Terre – BioCoop in the 5th for 6,19€ a kg. They actually labelled it Curly Kale :)

    • kristen says

      YES! Craig, someone else told me about this! I went to the one in the 11th today and the woman had no idea what I was talking about… but I do have the contact info the Le retour folks now. I’m off to explore the one in the 5th tomorrow. This is so exciting. My goal is to get them to keep stocking it.

      • Craig Thomas says

        You Go Girl! Hope that you convince them! Le Retour in the 5th is a beautiful store. I make the trek over from the 8th once a week by bus…. just because it’s a pleasure to shop there.

        • says

          Although they had it last week, they were out of stock on Sat. Imagine my disappointment to find épinards in its place! In response, I was bad and hoarded my stash of homemade kale chips yesterday when I attended a MeetUp group night. Shh…

          • kristen says

            Don’t worry – I won’t tell… and yes, you’re right… that BioCoop is being bought out by Naturalia. Not sure if this is something that is happening to all BioCoops or just a few… but i’ve heard rumors about more than just one. Btw, I love your story of the store clerk being so proud with “curly kale,” so cute.

    • kristen says

      Thanks Daisy and welcome back! As with all restos, things are seasonal so they may or may not have kale that night… x

    • kristen says

      Hi Kendal, this is so exciting. i can’t believe how kale is popping up now in various stores. makes it easier for us since the market supply is smaller now that winter is here. if you see it anywhere else, keep me posted!

      • says

        The bad news is, that store seems to be getting taken over by a Naturalia, but from what I could understand of the notice outside (my French is…. not good) the produce wouldn’t change. But I didn’t see kale on my second trip. I’m wondering how often they have it.

    • says

      I found more today! lol. I was leaving French class and passed through a vegetable market since I needed some things. First thing I spotted was kale! This was on Blvd Auguste-Blanqui, around 12pm, right outside of the Corvisart metro station. :-)

      • kristen says

        Hi Kendal! Yes, I just got an email this morning from C’bio that they are selling kale there as well. So glad you were in the right place at the right time. You are such a good kale spy – thanks for your help!

        • says

          Nice! I don’t know what C’bio is, is that the name of that market? Is it all organic?

          And it’s weird, I’ve been here almost 2 years and just now I’m seeing kale. I used to go looking for it, and now I’m not. And there it is!

  8. says

    OMG, I live less than a ten minute walk away from there! I looked up Bio Coop locations but hadn’t gotten around to checking it out yet. I can definitely tell you, though, that the Naturalia on rue Monge does not carry kale and I have yet to see it on market day at Maubert-Mutualité. Maybe it’s time to start requesting!

    • kristen says

      Hi there, if you frequently buy from a supplier, there is no harm in suggesting it! And if they need more proof that it’s hit France (especially Paris), show them the write-ups in Feb’s Glamour and Elle à table. That might help convince them! As for Naturalia… oh my… one time I sent them a tweet w/ a photo of kale and they replied, “oh, is it broccoli?” hah!

  9. says

    Haha!! When I was in Le Retour à la Terre last week, kale was in stock and the clerk who rang me up took great pleasure in calling it “curly kale” in his best English accent. :) But when I returned there two days ago, they were out of stock. I just joined the Paris Vegan group on MeetUp. Next time I can attend (or host) I plan to have it on the menu. If I can convert a few French people, maybe we can spread the word faster.

    Note to self: I may have to smuggle some produce over from NY to be sure.

  10. says

    I was back in New York (from Paris) over the holidays and ate lots of amazing Kale (incredible Kale/Escarole salad at Buttermilk Channel in Brooklyn). Now, back in Paris, I’m craving it and only now – for the first time – have realized it’s so hard to find here! Googling it … I found your blog.

    I have a friend who is an organic farmer in Brittany and thought I’d talk with him about growing it. But, can you tell me is there a place to buy seeds or a name other than Kale in France? I will track down some of the markets you mention here in Paris and hopefully find some.

    Merci for your blog!

    • kristen says

      Hi! Thanks for your comment, for reading and for your support. I know… NY is like kale heaven… you realize how lacking Paris (and France) is when you return. Glad you found the Project. That is fantastic that you know an organic farmer in Brittany – where exactly? I know there are a few folks hungry for kale in that area and would love somewhere nearby to buy it. As for seeds, your friend most likely can find organic seeds for kale… farmers have their seed connections…if not, he/she can also import from the UK (which is what I did). I would love to get your farmer friend on-board for the next growing season. Please be in touch!

      • says

        The farmer is near Saint-Malo (in Saint-Lunaire specifically). He grows mainly for a CSA (AMAP in French) in Saint Lunaire, but I’ll see him next weekend and hopefully he might be open to trying to grow some! You don’t happen to have any literature or websites in French you can recommend about Kale? Thanks!

  11. Plantinga Anne-Lous says

    Hi, I’m happy to find your blog, searching for years myself for “boerekool” in France, and never found it. Indeed, I’m dutch and used to eat lots of it. Since I live in France (30 years) I never saw it and even with photos nobody could tell me how it was called here …
    I just saw an article in Elle whith a photo I recognised as “boerekool” and learned it was called “kale” and soooo chic to eat …
    Then I got on internet and found your blog, great !
    But why don’t you go to Holland and make them get their plants to Rungis ? Seems not so difficult ?
    Maybe I should start a business !?
    Thanks for the market-adresses, I will have a look on Raspail Bio !
    I would be so great to be able to buy it here !
    Bravo to Kristen !

    • kristen says

      Hi there – so glad you found the project. While kale is “chic” in the states, it’s not there yet here but hopefully soon because once it’s chic then that means it will be easier to find.

      I’ve thought a lot about importing but I have a fundamental belief in eating local and supporting local farmers so have put all efforts into working with farmers in Normandy, Brittany or Ile-de-France. If we only keep importing then the French will never have their own supply… so bit by bit we’re getting there!

      Thanks for reading and your support and keep in touch.

    • kristen says

      Whoa!! Big news. I wonder if it was just a one-off delivery or if they’re going to try to stock it all the time. My hunch is that the people working at Monoprix had no idea what it was but I give them benefit of the doubt! Tell your friend to keep us posted!

  12. says

    I stopped in Le Retour in the 5th yesterday and hoped to request they start carrying it regularly. Instead, and maybe it was my lack of French skills, they are ordering some for me personally! I’m ‘leading’ the Paris Vegan Meetup group there soon and hope to have enough for all. Hopefully, someone else in the group can speak better than me and we finally get that request in. I’ll report back.

    • kristen says

      Hi Rachel- Where do you currently live? There are a few more places outside of Paris that I think are starting to sell kale as well. I’m doing more investigating this week/next week. Either way, your best bet for kale are the bio markets at Batignolles and Raspail (for the time being!) Let me know if you have any other questions.

  13. says

    Thank you – I may take a look at my bio marché in Rueil Malmaison – but to be honest I would be more than surprised! most of the time when I ask for something the folk tell me that it doesn’t exist!! So I’m not hopeful – LOL

    • kristen says

      I know kale has been spotted at a market in Saint Germain en Laye… not sure how far that is for you? And there is another grower, Bio Passion ( that is selling it in Levallois, Saint German en Laye and Houilles. I hope this helps!

  14. Morgane says

    Hello there!
    I don’t know if you heard about it already but, you can now find Kale at “Le Marché des Enfants Rouges” back in the IIIème Arrondissement (at least I did few days ago) – and not of any kind – it is sold as organic/bio!

    Sorry for my terrible english syntax and grammar!

    • kristen says

      Hi Morgane- wow! What day were you there? I decided to check it out yesterday (worst day to choose because of the snow) so I’m assuming I did not see it because it was horrible weather and a Wednesday. When do you normally shop there? It would be great to have a central location like that market and bio too! And your English is great : )

      • Morgane says

        I’m sorry, I don’t even remember! All I know is it was on a week day.
        But the seller is supposed to be there every single day (except on Mondays when Le Marché des enfants Rouge is closed).

        Darn, I’m so sorry you went there and found nothing (especially with this awful weather). What I believe happened is that he probably “gave a try” to Kale and sell out the few he had purchased.
        I actually had a small chat with him when I bought it – he said it was the first time he tried it (so I guess the first time he bought it from someone as well). I think we can totally “talk him into” buying it on a more regular basis, after all if the product is popular I don’t see any reason for him not to purchase some more, right?

  15. says

    Hello! I wanted to add a new location as well, the organic stand at the market at Maubert Mutualité (The Marché Maubert) open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday – 7.30am to 2.30pm is now selling Kale! I was so excited when I saw it I gasped (having never seen kale in Paris in my life) and the vendor gave me his card and told me to spread the good word. He sells his kale from the market at place Monge on fridays I believe, but is at Maubert on tuesdays and saturdays with delicious sweet organic kale. Enjoy!

    • kristen says

      Hi there! Thank you for the update. I think I’ll have to go check this out tomorrow so I can report back to everyone. Thanks for the tip. And even better that the vendor wants people to spread the good word – it’s a mentality that didn’t exist last year. I like when they think like they’re part of something special. You enjoy the kale too!!

  16. says

    Hi there! I live only a block away from Place Maubert and the vendor I saw with the kale told me that they are there only on Saturdays, plus they have a stall at Place Monge on Sundays. When I perused the market last Thursday, I didn’t see anyone with kale. I wonder if they are the same vendors? Hope this helps.

  17. Morgane says

    Hey Kristen,

    Me again, just to tell you that I have the chance to pass by Le Marché des Enfants Rouges today and the seller had some Kale again. I guess he will probably still have some tomorrow.

    – Morgane

    • kristen says

      hi! oh my – i’m not in town this week. can you tell me which seller it is? the two times I’ve gone I haven’t seen it. if i know the stand, next time I can ask them! thanks so much!

      • Morgane says

        It is the AB (Agriculture Biologique) one. As you know there is only two stands, let’s say it’s not the one facing the small restaurant stand when you enter.

  18. says

    Finally some ne is going to help me… I have been looking for kale since over year, and last time I asked in sept at Bastille no one knew what I was speaking about… I’ll go to the marche on Sunday, do u think I have a chance to find any?
    Thanks for your help

    • kristen says

      Hi Sylvie, Nice to hear from you. I know how it can be with no one knowing what you’re talking about! There was one farmer at Bastille but he’s been out for months and most likely will not have more until the Fall. Most of the farmers did not plant a spring greenhouse crop. I update the map when there are new “sightings” and do a lot of updates on Facebook, so follow along and hopefully you’ll be able to find some soon. -Kristen

  19. Amelie says

    Hi Kristen, We live in Brussels and have yet to find kale anywhere! I got very excitedd when I saw it on an organic delivery website and placed an order only to be disappointed…their “kale” was more like bok choi. Have you heard of anyone growing/selling in Belgium? Is there a way to get the seeds here? We have a garden out back, maybe I could start growing my own

    • kristen says

      Hi Amelie! What a disappointment to be so excited and then just get bok choy. I know that happens a lot here with chou frisé… and it just leads to savoy cabbage.

      I do not know of any sources in Belgium (although like it was in France there are occasional sightings). I sell seeds on my Etsy shop, so feel free to purchase and then you can grow some. It’s not too late! And it’s great if you have a garden because the plants can really take hold of the earth versus just growing them in planters.

      If I do hear of any updates in Belgium, I will be sure to write about it!

    • says

      Dear Amelie,

      I also live in Brussels and am desperate for kale! If you’ve decided to grow some, please let me know @kouli_kouli :) I’d love to buy some from you!

  20. Karen says


    Thank you for all the farmer market infromation on KALE! Just back from the USA and having learned about all its benefits (plus Dr Furhman’s love of it) I have been searching for it in the bio shops I normally go to C’bio 15eme and Biocoop 15e blvd de grenelle…. Its impossible… (I did ask them to request it and look it up, and they promised to do so..)

    Searching on the net, found some farmers in Britanny are growing it and apparently its possible to make a salad at JOUR with it, is it true?? Would actually try to get it shipped from the farmer, seems much more readily available in Belgium and Germany…!! so unfair!
    A bio (bio basket delivery service ) farmer I called proposes to sell it by ‘piles’ of 8kgs when he gets it!! I will call them next week to find out if they have received it… that might be a bit much but in case anyone is interested in sharing that could be an option…
    I would love to find it more readily!!

    I did call Le retour a la terre in the 5th, and they said they get it from time to time, you can leave your phone number and they will call you when they get it ..

    So glad I found this blog, thanks for the support and looking forward to finding green Kale…

    Unite fellow Kale lovers, in making Paris a ‘greener’ place ;-)

    • kristen says

      Hi Karen –

      Yes – there are farmers in Brittany growing it and Jour sources it from outside France for their shops but they serve it old, raw and without a Kale Massage so perhaps you just want to buy the kale and then make your own salad?!

      What is the name of your Bio delivery service? I’d love to be in touch with them to add them to the list.

      Le Retour will hopefully get it back… but the issue is that most of the farmers here treat it as a very seasonal vegetable so the season is kicking back up again.

      You also can have luck with La Ruche Qui Dit Oui in the 10, 12 and 13 via farmer Nicolas Thirard.

      Marché Batignolles & Marché Raspail has Hermione’s baby kale almost all year round (she was my first farmer). Two other stands there will have kale again in the next few weeks.

      The Google Map is regularly updated with places to find & buy so keep checking back (that and FB!)


  21. Barbara Beth says

    Kale is my favorite vegetable. I eat it with all my savories and juice it as well. It was always a frustration not being able to find it in France. For years I complained to some of my French friends why France doesn’t have kale. Had conversations with my colleagues over the recent summer in Geneva, Switzerland about the absence of kale in France and Switzerland. Did find it in an outdoor market in Berlin, Germany. Kale is a winter vegetable for them. It is also in England. The new Whole Foods in London carries organic kale. Super happy you are on a kale in France campaign. Thank you!

  22. Steve M says

    This is great. I am not a huge health food nut, but some friends of ours baked up kale “chips” with sea salt and it was delicious. If there is a market near Geneva then I would definitely buy it, lots in fact, just so they keep doing it.

  23. says

    I’m new on this blog and this FAQ. i just know about the project. But there is Kale in France. You can any juice with kale in my restaurant. I have a vegetarian fast food and fresh juice bar in the center of paris 39 Passage de Choiseul 75002, close to opera. Everyone are welcome to drink …

  24. Jay Pandaleon says

    Hi, as a kale lover looking for a source I’m wondering if the southwest of France might to warm to growing. It is a winter vegetable in the Northern European countries.

  25. vero says

    i run an épicerie deli in chamonix and i would like to know where to find kale in Haute Savoie
    any clue ?
    Thank Your

    • kristen says

      Hi there – Sorry for the late reply! As for local producers, I do not know any at this time but I do know that Prince de Bretagne is selling it as well as BioBreizh (if you want bio!) Stores like Auchan are carrying it (from Prince de Bretagne) as well. I hope this helps for now ! If you do decide to sell it or use it, please let me know. I would love to share the news w/ a photo, etc. Best, Kristen

    • kristen says

      Hi Antoine, Not sure where you are but there are a few places you can find rainbow chard in the Paris markets. As for outside of Paris, I’m not sure. If you are in Paris, Joel Thiebault grows beautiful rainbow chard. It also sold at the C’Bio stands at the Batginolles and Raspail markets.

  26. says

    Hello, I found Kale in an organic supermarket (Toubio) in Lille today. It is labelled “chou frisé”, came from Belgium, and cost 1.50 euros a kilo.

    • kristen says

      Hi Darya! This is great news!! Thank you for sharing. There are some people that have been asking about the Lille region, so I’m happy to share this.

  27. Lisa says

    Just to let you know that I’ve just bought organic kale from “Bio C’Bon” rue du Faubourg Montmartre, under the name “Chou curly”

    • kristen says

      Hi Lisa! Thanks for the kale spotted! Bio C’Bon has been selling kale at a lot of their locations. Let’s hope they continue to do so!

      • Lisa says

        That’s great, I did not now. This particular store has just opened a week ago, and by the way the correct address is Rue Bergère.

  28. says

    Sort of drives me slightly insane that you can buy organic kale in LIDL Morpeth, Northumberland, UK (of all places) and you can’t find it here (or not easily) I made Kale chips when I was back in the UK everyone loved them nice hot chilli and then some softer garlic ones – yummy yummy

  29. says

    I don’t know if I’m at the right place to give this information and I hope lot of people will find it there!
    We can find Chou Kale at Biocoop Bellecour, in Lyon, rue du plat.
    It’s better phoning before because of the kale’s succes!!

    • kristen says

      Hi Nathalie, Thank you for this information. I am adding it to the map (albeit a bit late but better than never!). If you have any other #KaleSpotteds, please let me know!

  30. Che bli says

    Hello From colmar, in Alsace, a lovely area on thé east part of France. You CAN find kale called Chou plume at thé marché saint Joseph, every satursday morning. Thé farmers are on thé left side of thé church and have wonderful veggies.

  31. says

    Hello, I would also like to find kale in Paris. I don’t know this vegetable very well as I’ve been living in the Paris for 30 years and it wasn’t very big in the states back then. But I LOVE Swiss chard and figured I would probably love this too. Have you tried the marche d’aligre ? If you have some French information on growing this I could try to hand it out ? Thanks.

    • kristen says

      Hi Aimee, Nice to hear from you! If you like swiss chard than I think you will like kale. They are not the same but having another leafy green to choose from is always nice. Kale was spotted once at Marche d’Aligre but I’m not sure if it was a regular thing. There is a map that you can use as well with various spots to try it. If it is a bio shop, definitely call beforehand.

      As for growing it, the “season” is Sept-March but to be honest you can plant it in late-March and have it throughout the summer (the local season in the NE USA is the inverse!) but the farmers here don’t want to stray from the tradition of it being a winter vegetable. You can buy seeds from me on my Etsy shop or on Kokopelli. There are plenty that planted in late spring and had their own balcony kale in two months! I hope this helps. -Kristen

  32. says

    Hello! Not sure how to add on the map. I just found kale in the Biocoop of Belfort! That was so unexpected. Needless to say, I nearly purchased the whole stock :) Can’t wait to try it.

    • kristen says

      Hi! That’s great news! I hope you enjoyed it and do you know if the bio coop is planning to continue stocking it?

  33. Alix says

    And the Bio stand at the Marché Saint Quentin in Paris (near the Gare de l’Est and the Gare du Nord) sells kale too – he had it the day after I’d asked him for it, and has been happily selling out ever since. He says people come from all over Paris to buy it – lots of Americans of course… But the French really are catching on! Better late than never…

    • kristen says

      That is great! I’d heard they had some and added it to the map (the list is happily too long now to include on the site as well!) I’m so glad that he is seeing people buying it. As long as there is demand, hopefully the farmers will continue to grow it. Thanks for the message!

  34. Petitepêche says

    Hi. Did not see it so maybe you don’t have the information… Everyday except on monday, you have the two BIO stands that are selling some at : LE MARCHE D”ALIGRE
    place d’aligre
    from 8.00 til 13.30

    • kristen says

      Great! This is good news because I’d heard it was here a few times but not consistently. Thanks for the great #KaleSpotted!

  35. Beth says

    Dear Kristen,
    I am so impressed with your project and how well you’ve adjusted here and integrated in Pairs. It’s not an easy thing to do by any means! I am still trying ;-) I live in the 20th and I was hoping to buy some Kale seeds so I can grow some on my balcony. I imagine now is the time to start planting. Do you know of anywhere that sells seeds?
    Many thanks and again well done!!

    • kristen says

      Hi Beth, I sell seeds on my my Etsy site or you can go to Kokopelli as well. Thanks for your nice note.

  36. Janet says

    Hi! I have just found kale at l’Eau Vive organic shop, 15 Boulevard Georges Clemenceau, Courbevoie!

    • kristen says

      Yay! Great #kalespotted ! Thank you. I hope they’ve had it again since you last were there!

    • kristen says

      Hey! Wow! Naturalia?? They normally don’t source it but that’s great news! Thanks for the #kalespotted

    • kristen says

      Hi there! Thanks for this update! I’ve seen their signs everywhere and was wondering if they would start selling kale. Great news!

  37. Aurore Delarbre says

    Just letting you know that they sell Kale at the closed market in Avignon. so happy i found some :) unfortunatly, i live in Clermont Ferrand and have no idea if it’s available there. anyway, i’m having Kale for dinner

    • kristen says

      Hi again – can you provide the name of the market? Do you know if it was a local producer or a distributor that sourced it from somewhere? There is a vegetarian restaurant curious!

  38. sandra says


    Je suis productrice de kale dans la région de Bordeaux. Pouvez vous me mettre sur votre carte. Merci et bonne continuation.

  39. sandra says

    Mon adresse le brin vert 33350 mouliets et villemartin
    je livre la ruche de Bordeaux Jean Giono celle de Minzac Et Saint Astier de Duras

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